Whos james mcavoy dating teachers in usa dating

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Whos james mcavoy dating

This blog is dedicated to the Scottish actor James Mc Avoy, most well known for his role as Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise.You may also know James from his other projects such as Atonement, Wanted and Filth. In the wake of the couple’s shock statement that their nine-year marriage was over, the Sunday Mirror can reveal his friendship with actress Alexandra Shipp.Last week the pair were together at an X Men: Apocalypse party where Mc Avoy, 37, was seen being cosily tactile with American Alexandra, 24, who plays Storm in the hit fantasy franchise.Performed in the West End stage production of "Romeo and Juliet" as Juliet, alongside Richard Madden, Freddie Fox, Derek Jacobi, Meera Syal, Marisa Berenson, Michael Rouse, Ansu Kabia and Sam Val, at the Garrick Theatre.Scheming Bruce Robertson (James Mc Avoy), a bigoted and corrupt policeman, is in line for a promotion and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.The actor and producer, 37, was spotted kissing girlfriend Ashley Reign in a Burbank parking lot following a romantic meal.The pair have been dating for 'over two years now', according to a source, who added that the blonde has become his first serious girlfriend.

But now Haven has found himself a woman of his own - and the pair seem blissfully happy.Also, this very criminal man is "The Beast" that Bruce and Ray mention to coerce their snitch. It made me laugh, cringe and frown at some of the ridiculous stuff that happened in it.See more » : Me and Bruce, we're not that different. Deep in the storyline though, was an utterly captivating, yet tragic story of a man loosing his mind to drugs, mental illness and grief.Enlisted to solve a brutal murder and threatened by the aspirations of his colleagues, including Ray Lennox (Jamie Bell), Bruce sets about ensuring their ruin, right under the nose of unwitting Chief Inspector Toal.As he turns his colleagues against one another by stealing their wives and exposing their secrets, Bruce starts to lose himself in a web of deceit that he can no longer control.

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His past is slowly catching up with him, and a missing wife, a crippling drug habit and suspicious colleagues start to take their toll on his sanity.

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