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For example, pre-4.01 you would only get a Domain status notification with a very generic message saying the status of the domain has changed for a number of different reasons, say when a network port is disconnected.

In 4.01, three traps will be received when a port is disconnected which will result in Network, Profile and Domain managed status traps being sent to management stations.

SNMP only works with network based printers, so the physical identifier must be in the format of: to re-check the print identifier.

After the system is restarting, check if the printer identifier is populated and whether the toner levels are recorded.

A number of old traps have been depreciated and new traps added to provide more granular error reporting.

A trap is sent for each VC managed element state change (domain, enclosure, module, port, network, fabric, server or profile).

The profile trap will show the server profile connection is abnormal and has a minor managed status because the network port is disconnected.Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is used to manage distribution networks.Register the SNMP server to check system status (system shutdown or start status), network card link up or link down, and component update status.According to the instructions from I'm able to build a static table with pre-defined value before SNMP Agent startup, and after SNMP Agent startup: # Register an imaginary never-ending job to keep I/O dispatcher running forever Engine.transport Started(1) # Run I/O dispatcher which would receive queries and send responses try: Engine.transport Dispatcher() except: Engine.transport Dispatcher.close Dispatcher() raise it is able to return my expected value.But for my system, it will dynamically generate many alarm information, and those information need to be updated into SNMP's MIB Table, which allow other SNMP Manager to send "get/get Next" to fetch alarm information from my system.

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