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Sex chat live girls arabiyat free without subscription

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Enjoy and do not forget to add this page to your favorites, in order to come back again and again watch the beautiful Arab girls in sexcam! Digitized by Google I Digitized by Google (J-SJ yjfc^j Ui-Jl, u J-Jt, Digitized by Google TO COLONEL WILLIAM SYKES, F. Burton f, have been able to send us back an account of their travels there, it cannot be doubted but that the present work will be hailed as a welcome addition to our knowledge of these hitherto mysterious penetralia of Mohammedan su- perstition. The Visitation of Ilamzah's Tom)) 399 LIST OF PLATES IN VOL. What remained for me but to prove, by trial, that what might be perilous to other travellers is safe to me ? Accept, my dear Colonel, this humble return for your kindness, and ever believe me, The sincerest of your well wishers, RICHARD F. But when it is borne in mind that since the days of William Pitts of Exeter (a. 1678—1688) no European travellers, with the exception of Burck- hardt* and Lieut. In compensation, however, for the disappoint- ment, I was graciously allowed by my honorable masters the additional furlough of a year, in order to pursue my Arabic studies in lands where the language is best learned. The author's object, however, seems to be to illus- trate the peculiarities of the people, — to dramatise, as it were, the dry journal of a journey, — and to preserve the tone of the adventures, together with that local colouring in which mainly consists " V education d'un voyage." For the same reason, the prayers of the "Visitation" ceremony have been translated at length, despite the danger of inducing tedium ; they are an essential part of the subject, and cannot be omitted, nor be represented by "specimens." The extent of the Appendix requires some ex- planation. I had intended, had the period of leave originally applied for been granted, to land at Muscat — a favourable starting-place — and there to apply myself, slowly and surely, to the task of spanning the deserts. LONDON: LONGMAN, BROWN, GREEN, LONGMANS, AND ROBERTS. In fact, El Medinah may be considered almost a virgin theme ; for as Burckhardt was pros- trated by sickness throughout the period of his stay in the Northern Hejaz, he was not able to describe it as satisfactorily or minutely as he did the southern country, — he could not send a plan of the mosque, or correct the popular but erroneous ideas which prevail concerning it and the surrounding city. f Captain Sadlier is not mentioned, as his Frankish dress prevented his entering the city. The reader may question the propriety of in- troducing in a work of description, anecdotes which may appear open to the charge of triviality. 1 S 1 CHAPTER XL I o i am on - — «* 909 CHAPTER XII 1 I1C ililll ill 1 ill UIKl - 91Q CHAPTER XITL From Yambn to Rir Ahhns — * 236 CHAPTER XTV. Through the Suburb of El Medinah to Hamid's House - 274 CHAPTER XVr. An Essay towards the History of the Prophet's Mosque - 329 CHAPTER XVTTT. The " experimentum crucis " was a visit to El Hejaz, at once the most difficult anjj the most dangerous point by which a European can enter Arabia.

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PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF A PILGRIMAGE TO EL MEDINAH AND MECCAH Sir Richard Francis Burton if Digitized by Google Digitized by Google PILGRIMAGE TO EL M E D IN AH AND MECCAII. _ Digitized Google PERSONAL NARRATIVE or a PILGRIMAGE TO EL MEDINAH and MECCAH. Thus, with the second volume of Burckhardt's Travels in Arabia, the geographer, curious con- cerning this portion of the Moslem's Holy Land, possesses all that has as yet been written upon the subject. Burton is already known by his " History of Sindh." As as if to mark their sense of the spirit of observation and daring evinced by him Digitized by Google PREFACE* xi when in that country, and still more during his late journey ings in Arabia and East Africa, the Geographical Society, through their learned Secre- tary, Dr. By what " circumstance the miscreator " my plans were defeated, the reader will discover in the course of these volumes.

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