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Serena williams dating vanilla ice

She’s not at Maria Sharapova levels, yet, but as she gets ready to go after yet another Wimbledon title, Williams is closing that margin as quickly as she’s sending the ball over the net on a serve.Here’s what you need to know about Williams’ endorsement deals: lists Williams as No.

With deals ranging from Nike to Gatorade and even a brand-new social media “challenge” campaign with Pepsi, Williams is building her presence away from the game and, most importantly, raking in the cash.She joked about her relief to be on the other side of things, after competing last year, and even sparred with Jason after he insulted her Loose Women co-presenter Denise Welch - telling him to go back to charm school.Robin was enthusiastic about the performance, saying: 'A fantastic start to the show.The two met at a Fourth of July party in 1994, Laura said, well after Rob's pop star status faded, long after Vanilla Ice dated Madonna, and soon after he survived a suicide attempt with a heroin overdose. A source in the couple’s entourage says Ice spent the past six months trying to talk Laura out of splitting but grew so frustrated he kicked the case into high gear with his filing.

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It's important they maintain the character throughout - the Charleston is jovial and bouncy, and you were jovial and bouncy throughout.