Consolidating codifying statutes

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Consolidating codifying statutes

1519] The Committee on Armed Services reports favorably an original bill (S.

COMMITTEE OVERVIEW One of Congress' most important constitutional responsibilities is providing for the common defense. The Senate Armed Services Committee takes seriously its obligation to our men and women in uniform and their families, as well as the civilians and contractors who support our Armed Forces.

The international labor code is continually being revised and extended, not only to broaden its scope but also to keep pace with advancing concepts of social and economic welfare.

The following conventions represent the heart and soul of the organization's commitment to its mandate to social justice: Other important conventions are, for example, the 1960 convention and a recommendation on the protection of workers against ionizing radiations.

Under these international instruments, workers under 16 are prohibited from working in direct contact with ionizing radiations.

In pursuit of ILO efforts to help extend the scope of social security coverage throughout the world and eliminate discrimination based upon nationality, the 1962 International Labour Conference adopted a convention on the equal treatment of nationals and non-nationals in social security.

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(a) Uniformity of the groups (Cbi square) test can be used?