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Today was a fairytale💗 @auhasardspr #Put ARinger On It #stunning #happiness A video posted by mikaelahoover (@mikaelahoover) on Aly's sis, AJ Michalka, was also on hand, serving as her maid of honor for the special day.It is good news for the “Two and a half men” star Aly Michalka who recently got engaged to the love of her life director Stephen Ringer after dating for a period of one and a half years. And, then on Wednesday morning the 25 year old actress personally shared the joyous news about being engaged through her twitter account by posting a picture of her gorgeous bling along with the caption ‘Wanted to share the exciting news!Dustin Milligan: Well, you’re attempting to take the power for yourself but then as we go through the story, you’re almost forced to relinquish that.You realize in a way, “I thought I was in control but here I am facing death and I’m of course as out of control as I’ve ever been.” But again, taking that choice to at least try I think is what’s engaging about the character. It’s funny, it didn’t seem like a role that I was just like, “Oh my gosh, this is something so incredibly opposite from who I am” because I think Reilly’s sense of humor is very similar to mine. I almost felt like I had more to prove to other people than to myself.I just love that someone so young and who’s dealing with this, I just love that she’s taking control of it. And I think that’s the part I relate to about these stories.They don’t usually make them about the people who resign themselves to wasting away. I think that she also realizes that whether she was to die on this trip or to say, “I’m going to live and I’m never going to do any sort of treatment,” I think she knows that there’s obviously a ticking clock for her and she’s okay with that.Leinart alone has dated Paris Hilton, Aly Michalka and Kristin Cavallari. Ponder was asked about the relationship after practice on Thursday and he responded how most incredibly rich men dating incredibly beautiful public figures respond, "Really? I mean, look at me, I'm awesome."OK, maybe that's not what he actually said.

While her family gets wind of her plan and races to stop her, Reilly spends the day with Ogden Clark (Dustin Milligan), a devout man who gave her a ride to the park."Congratulations to one of my dearest friends and the most beautiful Bride @alyrenae78.Today was a fairytale @auhasardspr #Put ARinger On It #stunning #happiness," Mikaela wrote.I think you find her a little bit angry at the beginning of the movie and a little defensive, and trying to explain why she thinks that this is morally right for herself.I think that by the end of it I think Ogden understands a little bit more why she feels that way.

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